Vacuum cleaner brush with adaptor ZR900301

Vacuum cleaner brush with adaptor ZR900301
32-35 mm diameter.
Multi-tasking, the brush is jointed for close continuous contact with the surface to be vacuumed and to make vacuuming under furniture easier.
- brush out position for smooth floors,
- brush retracted position for rugs and carpets,
- wide pedal for easy access.

Suitable for all canister vacuum cleaners, diameter 32 mm-35 mm.

- City Space Cyclonic RO271
- Compact Power Cyclonic RO371, RO482, RO485, RO487, RO488
- Ergo Force Cyclonic RO674
- Power Space RO233
- Power XXL RO312, RO314, RO315, RO317, RO318
- Silence Force Allergy+ RO685, RO688
- Silence Force Cyclonic RO721, RO723
- Swift Power Cyclonic TW297
- X-Trem Power RO683
- X-Trem Power 2 RO5463

Referencia szám : ZR900301

5 495 Ft HUF 5495.0


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